Condenser Fan Motor - First Choice Y4629 1/3HP, 1075 RPM, 1 Speed, 1.5FLA, 460V, 60Hz, 70C Ambient

First Choice

$130.00 $179.70


The FirstChoice® WG840737HT-EW durable ball-bearing motor is universally compatible for all systems including condenser fans, furnace blowers, and air handlers.

FirstChoice® motors give superior performance in restrictive systems.

  • Broad torque curve allows for greater flexibility
  • Reversible shaft rotation allows you to change direction simply by rotating a plug
  • Multiple operating speeds give you greater performance range
  • Automatic thermal overload protector provides UL recognized thermal protection
  • High heat endurance features in 60 ̊ and 70 ̊ models

Easy installation with:

  • Extended studs and 30-inch leads
  • Insulated disconnects
  • Stripped wiring
  • Multiple-hole and longer-bolt configurations
  • Mount to all standard 48-frame brackets

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